How do I play?

The goal of Scratchy is to scratch 3 identical symbols. To play, choose 3 of the 6 available fields to scratch. After you’ve made your choice, the remaining fields will automatically be uncovered to reveal all the symbols on the scratchcard.


What can I win?

You can win gift cards and rewards from a selection of brands!


Where can I see the gift cards that I've won?

Your wins are recorded in the WINS section the MY WINS tab.


How to redeem a reward that I won?

In order to redeem your wins please go to WINS section and under tab MY WINS press redeem button on each of your wins.


Why are the 3 fields that I did not scratched locked?

You can only select 3 out of 6 fields to scratch! Lock sign will be displayed on fields you can’t scratch as soon as you select your 3rd field. Locked fields can’t be scratched! We advise you to go for the center of a field, in order to avoid being locked out with fields you didn’t want to select!


What is the purpose of winning points?

Winning points will allow you to open new levels where you can play scratchcards for better and bigger rewards. You can also trade your points for rewards, or for additional scratchcards and more chances to win!


How do I win bonus points?

In the latest version of Scratchy, you win bonus points by scratching 3 Scratchy logos.


Do I get a reward for finishing a level?

Finishing a level does not generate a reward. You win at any point of the game, every time you scratch 3 identical symbols on your scratchcard.


When can I use my invitation code?

Promo code can only be used during initial registration process.


Why do I not have the correct number of scratches?

The number of scratches if fixed per one device. Having multiple accounts on the same device divides the total number of scratches between the accounts.


What are the odds of winning?

Scratchy is a free game of chance, and some people just have more luck than others. Odds are not fixed and they are dependent on the number of players in each session, specific brand and/or number of rewards you play for.


How can I edit user information?

You can edit your user information by selecting:
Open Scratchy -> My Account -> press/edit Your Name